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Daddy's Note
After battling their conscience, two moronic drug dealers serve-up to a politically-connected, obnoxious public schoolboy, setting a precedent, which to their horror, quickly spirals out of control 'Daddy's Note is comedy genius' - Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards 'Funny film! Got a real Python feel to it. Hilariously paced with a terrifically comedic cast.' Brian Malholland - Festival Director - Film Devour Short Film Fest 'A comedic tour de force from a wonderfully twisted genius. Fawlty Towers meets The New Statesman with a healthy twist of Python!' - Denis Halligan - CEO @Jobing Actor, Belfast 'We loved the anarchy and fuck-you attitude in 'Daddy's Note' and proof that filmmakers can simply go out into the world and create something abrasive and in-your-face, while still being funny and entertaining.' - Philip Ilson - Artistic Director: London Short Film Festival 'I love this film - Bruce Robinson and Hunter S. Thompson would love it too!' - Joel Ryan McDermott - artist/filmmaker